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Updated Wednesday January 9, 2019 by Your coaching staff.

Coaching staff:

Jeff Stephenson, Stephen Gray, Sid Friederichsen, Marc LePage

I hope to have 4 coaches on the ice for all practices. We are looking forward to helping your kids enjoy this amazing game and learn new skills each week.

Practice jersey's:

Parents can you try to have a light colored and dark colored jersey (2 in total) in their hockey bags for practices. It helps us with placing the players in lines and scrimmages. 


Stephen Gray (Cooper's dad) has provided us with socks for the players. They are gray with a black strip. Thanks Stephen. 

Chalk talk:

reminder: If possible Please arrive 1/2 hour before games and practices as this will allow the coaches some chalk talk and go over the practices drills and game lineup. Etc. etc.

Before and after games:

Can the parents exit the dressing approx. 10 minutes prior to the games and practices for team chalk talk. Also after games please wait outside the room (5 to 10 minutes) until you get the ok to enter for the coaches to discuss the game or practice. ie: offsides or positional play

Dressing room key and lock:

Do we have any takers for doing this task. Right now we have 1 person. We do need more then 1 person. ie:vacations, work etc.

Attendance program online:

I would like to thank you for using the attendance as it makes our job a lot easier. If you have not used or don't know how to please come and see one of the coaches and we will help you get access.  


The tournament for Novice Division is a individual sign up and then they put you on a team. Our team can't play together or go in the tournament as a team. I will keep you updated if and when I hear any more info.

Check equipment:

Please check your child's equipment after every game and practice for loose chin straps, face guard straps, Nuts and bolts, screws in helmets, Skate laces and if their skates are sharp. Also to make sure they have all their equipment in the bag. Water bottle is a must with name on it.

Our Team Chant!!

We win as a team! We lose as a team! We play as a team!

I have 4 rules:

1) Listen

2) Work Hard

3) Have Fun

4) Respect 

Please provide positive reinforcements to your child before and after every game and practice.

Please try and let the coaches coach and Please be positive with your child on his or her play. Remember, we as coaches may be telling them one thing and you telling them something else which will cause confusion on the player side. Thanks again for the co-operation on this matter.


Your coaching staff

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